Gold in Paris!

21/06/2024 Premi, Prodotti, Eventi

Gold in Paris!

Rhum Fest Paris 2024

On May 4-6th, Ron Millonario attended the 10th edition of Rhum Fest Paris, as usual: we have attended all the editions, and this year we had the killer team of our flamboyant brand ambassadors Mario Navarro, Marie El Hanafi and Diego Mioto to dazzle the audience with cocktails and straight rum tastings. What could go wrong?

Well, as expected it was a success! We had a tactical organization at the fair, with two stands: one at the entrance, with Marie and Elisa catching the interest of the visitors, enticing them into the world of Millonario. Marie and Elisa had some fantastic cocktails, to tickle the fancy of anyone who tasted them. What was the secret ingredient? Millonario, of course! And that was the alluring secret which led to the discovery of the second stand, where the rums could be tasted neat: the new sweet and fruity Kuytchi and the classic XO have been the most appreciated ones.

And of course, we have to mention medals… Not because we want to brag, but because it’s a fact. Once again, we won a gold medal, and we lost count of how many… We won it for the oldest, richest, most complex expression:
Ron Millonario XO.

It’s always great to see that one of our favourites, the one we put our hugest effort into, is always so appreciated.
Thank you very much to all the jurors!